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This great old bell sits atop a post in front of the log cabin. Our host got it from his mother, but I was surprised that he uncharacteristically had no tale to tell of its history.


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Our host family has many animals- dogs, cats, chickens and a horse. And some more unusual creatures as well, such as this goose that thinks it is a duck, acting as a drill sergeant over the ducks (including an exotic African duck) as they go to and fro the beaver pond. Yes, the family also imported Canadian beaver to dam up the stream, creating a pond for their fleet of boats.

log cabin

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Our “host” family lives in this ancient timbered house (c.1793) while awaiting repairs on another dwelling down the road which had a fire. They have no running water, but depend on rain-barrels and a mountain stream. What immediately strikes you upon arrival are the rebel battle flags festooned about the place. They fashion their own flags and confederate uniforms and are armed to the teeth.

The Barn

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This sketch was actually drawn during my first visit to Jonesville, but essentially nothing has changed a year later. The Barn is where tools and supplies used by the workers at Jonesville-area sites are stored. But, not much longer– I was informed that the building is to be torn down and an improved structure put up.

Ale8 1

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While enroute to Jonesville, VA for the Appalachian Service Project, we stopped for refueling near Lexington, KY and I picked up this local soft drink (which the check-out clerk had never tried). It is “Ale 8 1”- nicknamed “A Late One” and ’tis claimed by the manufacturer to be one of Kentucky’s favorites. It is a ginger ale and compares favorably to similar offerings.