utility pole

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A smattering of unfinished sketchbook drawings…the great cartoonist R. Crumb routinely depicts the modern technological clutter, such as power lines, which form such an ugly, inelegant background to our everyday life…objects which many of us probably barely notice because we are so used to it.


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When Ann and I were in the wonderful land of Australia many years ago we ordered a pizza one evening while on an outing to Katoomba. One possible ingredient was the intriguing “capsicum”, so I had to try it and it turned out to be our common bell pepper! This one was drawn in Tobago but they’re good wherever you eat them.


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I spent a lot of time drawing…the landlord and his cronies spent their time listening to cricket on the radio and tried explaining it to me.

Tropical Beverages

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We drank a lot, because, you know, you get thirsty in the tropics. We stayed at a “guesthouse”…now you’d call it a “bed and breakfast”…except we got dinner, too. The food was OK, but my most distinct memory is a peanut punch the landlord made…a peanut butter based beverage. I dislike peanut butter, but it wasn’t bad.

Carl Meade

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I met a sailor in Port Of Spain named Carl Meade. I can’t remember the circumstances, and though I was leary at first, it worked out fine. He was from Antigua but knew his way around T&T. We crashed at his half-brother’s house and then took the ferry to Tobago. That was my first “voyage” on ocean waters.