We went to “mado”, a BYOB restaurant in Wicker Park, Saturday night. The decor is nothing outstanding. I did like our tabletop alot…roughly textured boards with a nailed sheet metal strip down the center…the nails ground down smooth. “mado” does a great thing by purchasing from local farms within the natural “foodshed” as Joel Salatin dubs it. However, I was less than satisfied with my entree, a bowl of seafood stew…one-third of which was a chunk of bread…the stew was bland, amazing, considering that it was topped with a home-made green salsa. And it was $18! No sides or anything! Several of the other diners complained that their salads were salty. Whoever heard of a salty salad? Overall disappointing…the sketch above is of the man responsible, the chef and boss…he was wearing odd shoes with elven type tips which looked good on him.

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