Never Even…

A 5×5 grid offers more challenge…ideally there would be 3 palindromic 5-letter words, of which 2 were repeated…an ABCBA pattern. And it would make some sort of sense! I haven’t worked that out yet. This one reads like the musing of a fretting mathemaniac: Never even, ever even, ever even.


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  • timpadraic says:

    Always odd….

    My roommate in college and I tried to invent the palindromic film. The Rules : starts and ends in the same room, filmed backwards and then reversed, must have palindromic title.

    So here was our first attempt a few years back. if nothing more, enjoy the dreadlocks.


  • Jeff says:

    I love the title and your dreads…on your
    next attempt take it further- film or imagery mirrored and literally run backwards from
    midpoint and a musical score doing the same!
    If it brought home a point it would be a
    stunning achievement (at least to Bob, Anna and Otto )

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