Talking Machine

OK, this is a really crappy sketch, but it was an interesting experience for me, who loves old, old music. One of the Trust properties in Lincoln is Dr. Woods’ home. There, in 1978, was an old Edison talking machine which played wax cylinders. It was spring-powered (with a crank) and as it spun, the needle and brass horn moved along. I rigged up a microphone to the horn and recorded all of the cylinders. For the recorded music enthusiast, here is the list:
My Old New Hampshire Home 1907
Where the Sunset Turns the Ocean’s Blue to Gold 1905
Throw Out the Life Line 1907
O’Brian has no place to go
The Whistling Girl 1905
Hey Mister Joshua
You Can’t Make Me Stop Loving You-1903 or 08
Medley of Straight Jigs 1904
Charge of Roosevelt’s Rough Riders 1904
Shame on You 1903
Down Where the Bluebells Grow 1905
Down in Jungle Town 1907 2:20
Everyone work but Father 1905
When the Mockingbirds Are Singing in the Wildwood
Dixie 1905
Tippicanoe 1907
Jim Lawon’s Horse Trade – Cal Stewart 1907
3 Rubes Seeing New York 1907
In Timbucktoo 1907
Who threw the overalls in Mrs Murphys Chowder? 1905
The Laughing Coon 1907
The Cornfield Medly 1905
Ayesha, My sweet Egyptian (Maurice Scott) Herbert Payne 1908
Arab Love Song (Silvio Hern) Ada Jones 1905
Arrah Woman Medly 1905
Arrah Woman Duet 1905
Medly of War Songs 1905
Ida Ho
The Laughing Song 1905 George Johnson
Has Anyone here seen Kelly? Murphy and Lett?? 1908
Where the silvery Colorado wends its way
Blue Bell 1905
A scene in a Country Blacksmith Shop 1905
Accordian Solo 1905
The Messenger Boy March
Orchestra Solo? 1905


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