Thistle pickguards

I decided to employ the thistle, a symbol of Scotland, as the motif on the 12-string. After some failed attempts with other materials, I settled on thinly cut lyptus to represent the leaves of the plant. I tinted a water-based stain with food coloring to make them green, glued the pickguards to the soundboard and lacquered the body.


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  • I dunno if you are big on John Dowland, or for loots for that matter, but for a nice plunge into esoteria and over-thought, check out Sting’s “Songs from the Labyrinth.” It’s a nice blend of 80s rock…. That is to say, rock from the 1580s and 1980s.

  • Jeff says:

    My buddy Rick turned me on to Dowland, Campion, Gibbons, et. al. and we play some of their compositions, but I generally use a guitar and he plays recorder. I have not heard Sting’s recording but will check it out…doesn’t he play the hurdy-gurdy on it?

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