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Greetings! So…after over ten years, and with no warning, AOL jettisoned my old stand-by website. Maybe it is just as well…it is forcing me to rise from my slumbers and try something different. My plan is to repost The History of Q*Bert…then put up some art galleries of finished works from over the years and, most importantly, dust off the cobwebs, stretch and yawn and produce some new work– graphic, audio and video! Best Regards, Jeff

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  • daudioguy says:

    First, thanks for your continued efforts. In spite of the efforts of our previous employers to keep us hidden, your Q*Bert site has allowed our audience to reach out with interest and questions. Two careers down the road it is still edifying to hear that we entertained some folks back in the day.
    My favorite Q*Bert story takes place about a year after the game had been out. My wife and I went to a big drug store in an unfamiliar mall. While she was shopping I was wandering. I hear something that sounded like a video game. I thought it sounded interesting. I moved closer.
    Oppps, it was Q*Bert. There was a cherubic little kid playing it. His technique was to put in a quarter, start the game, jam the joystick to the side. Q*Bert would hop to his demise, yell, and splat. This delighted the kid. He would do it two more times and then put in another quarter. I thought that this manner of ‘playing’ Q*Bert must have inflated earnings somewhat.

  • Jeff says:

    You’re welcome, Dave. I think anyone who played Q*Bert thoroughly enjoyed your sound effects…
    from the rude razzy springing to the mumbled gibberish…considering the technology, you managed to wring blood from a stone!

  • Anonymous says:

    Jeff, I edited the Q*bert Wikipedia page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q*bert to link it to your blog now that your AOL page is defunct. I’m sure more editing is needed…..


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