Purple tree

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…I believe this was sketched
at a city park where the
Louisiana Jazz and Blues Heritage
Festival was held…I remember eating
“dirty rice” and seeing the
Fabulous Thunderbirds that day.
Last year I had the pleasure of dining
at a non-descript eatery called, I think,
Metairie Seafood…great food and large
posters on the wall for nearly every
LJBHF dating back into the 70s.

Yet Another Tree

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Yes, another lovely tree from Louisville. You know, I think that is the last time I set foot in Louisville, though I have driven through it since. When visiting my kids’ cousins there we always went to a certain barbeque joint, Mark’s Feed Store on Shelbyville Road, which wasn’t too bad even though I don’t much like barbeque. You got your drinks in a fruit jar, which I suppose was evoke the atmosphere of being in some down-home hayseed roadhouse, which it isn’t at all…being part of chain in a solid middle-class neighborhood.

The Wonderful Tree

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The wonderful tree! The various species provide shade, homes for critter and human alike…timber for a trillion and one useful or beautiful objects…fruit and nuts, syrups, medicine and spirits…they clean the very air and bind the soil- and all they ask of us in return is carbon dioxide and manure. I salute the tree!

trees and cone

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I believe these trees were sketched during a March ’03
visit to Louisville, KY. Our kids might rate it is the worst Spring Break excursion ever— judging by the state of the trees, Spring had not sprung and we dragged them to a bunch of colleges for tours prior to our son’s high school graduation.