The Shoot-out at Blazer’s Mill (1996)

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From 1996, this shirt features choice dialog from the Pageant and crowd-favorite Buckshot Roberts, who was portrayed for many years by local Dan Storm. ┬áThe role of Buckshot and other cast members are largely filled by residents of Lincoln County and neighboring counties, making it a true folk pageant and probably the oldest continually performed event of its type in the nation. The “actors” perform in pantomime and the dialog is spoken by other locals reading from the script over the PA. The gunfire (with blanks, of course) is provided by the actors on stage. ┬áDuring the actual shoot-out, the Murphy-Dolan leaning Roberts single-handedly held off a group of thirteen Regulators, including the Kid. ┬áRegulator leader Dick Brewer was shot between the eyes by the mortally wounded and defiant Buckshot.