Jim Post as Samuel Clemens as Mark Twain

Jim Post on the Train To Twain excursion to
Hannibal, MO…he does a great turn as Mark
Twain, telling tales and singing songs.  Jim is a well-
known folk musician and he wrote the 1969 hit
“Reach Out of the Darkness” as part of the duo
Friend and Lover.If you enjoy Post, Twain
and/or train rides, check info@highirontravel.com 
for the next event.  Good food, too.

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  • Jan baby says:

    While at Triton College in 1975, Jim Post performed there. I had the pleasure of meeting him. He kept to himself. I had seen him once in Chicago with a partner named Tom (?). Always like Jim Post. Didn’t know he was still performing.

  • Jeff says:

    He moved to Galena some years ago and has done this Mark Twain one-man show for some years, I believe. I found him to be quite friendly.

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