Little Billy T-Shirt


Gullotto & I returned to Lincoln for the 1980 Pageant with a new design.  Matt and Roger had moved to a new house on the edge of town, having burned down their last residence.  A mob of us descended upon Lincoln…the Roanoke girls: Marilyn, Ruth and Denise, our old buddy Glascott & my girlfriend who made a couple of bucks selling “Billy the Chip” cookies.  Burnsie showed up and Carol Morton, too. We had Carol and her boyfriend diving for cover while we shot up cans on the back forty.  A classic exchange took place when a local bragged of his knowledge of the mountains. “Ask me anything about these mountains,” he challenged.  Glascott inquired, “How much do they weigh?”  The buckeroo fixed him with squint and said, “We don’t like your kind around here.”